Sunday, March 18, 2018

That Finished Feeling

Hello Friends,

I've been quite busy since my last update.  Most of my time has been taken up with work and travel.  I spent two weeks in Cincinnati, OH.  Unfortunately, my schedule was pretty intense and I didn't get to visit any yarn shops.  But I took my sweater with me and managed to get it finished.  Don't you just love that finished feeling; that moment when you've bound off and just exhale.

Finally got it home and into a Soak bath.  This sweater has been all over the world and it needs a good washing.  The yarn is superwash, so it could have endured a run in the washing machine, but I do so love the smell of Soak.  My favorite scent is Lacey.

Superwash yarns tend to grow when blocked.  After washing, the sweater grazed the top of my knees.  20 minutes in the dryer on low brought it back to a reasonable size, but still damp enough to block out a bit. I'm hoping to get the split hem to lay straighter.  Fingers crossed.

I really like the ribbing.

And this is what it looks like.  Not the most exciting thing I've knit, but it'll do.

I knit part of one sleeve in the contrast color.  I also knit an extra round of ribbing on the sleeves and sweater bottom.  The pattern calls for an i-cord loop at the pocket, which hooks onto a button.  Well, I didn't have a button in the hotel, and since I really wanted to be done with this sweater, I omitted the cord.

New to me in this project:
O-Wool Yarn.  I enjoyed this yarn very much.
Split hem.  Not a fan;  my hips are too wide and I don't think the split hem is flattering on me.
Pockets.  Knitting a pocket was fairly easy.  I knit a stockinette flap for a few inches (pocket lining) using the stitches I had previously placed on a holder.  Then I tucked the flap inside the sweater and used a whip stitch to attach the lining to the sweater itself.  There are also videos on Youtube that discuss afterthought pockets and knitting pockets on an angle.  I'm looking forward to trying both of these techniques. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Stitching!

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