Sunday, February 11, 2018

Life Happens

Hello Friends.

Life has taken me down many different paths since my last update.  One of my personal goals for 2014 was to learn to knit.  Since this blog was originally set up to focus on my love of cross-stitch, I didn't share that experience with you.  Silly me, because knitting quickly became a passion.  Socks, sweaters, shawls, piles of yarn and fiber; be still my heart.  My life took a major detour from needle and thread.

Then in 2016, my mom wanted to make a quilt.  And I found myself dumped into a whole other world.  Fabric, measuring tools, rotary cutters, sewing machines????   Err... how did this happen?  Do I really need a 3rd stash in this house?  Do I even have space for a 3rd stash in this house?  It has been quite a challenge trying to find time to juggle the three crafts I love.  In 2018, my goal is to find balance.  I adore the quilting,  I relish the knitting, and I find peace in the stitching.  My return to this space is about documenting my stitch life, connecting with like minds, and holding myself to be productive, rotate projects, and FINISH the things I embark upon.  I hope you will continue to watch this space. 

 XStitch WIPs

Windswept HEAD
Chart by Michelle Sayetta
Artwork by Rebecca Sinz

88 colors.  Lots of blues, grays, creams and greens.  I think this chart uses just about every "blue" that DMC makes.  My fabric is a 25ct. Lugana, and I'm doing 2 over 1 tent stitches.  I worked on her for about 2 hours last night.  I really have to get a picture taken outside, so that you can see how vibrant these colors are.  I've named her Cleo and I've already picked out a spot on the wall for her.

French Country Kitchen
Chatelaine Designs

A true labor of love.  One of the things I love most about Martina Rosenberg's work is her amazing use of color and texture.  When you see a finished object designed by her, you are looking at a piece of art.  Of course this means learning a whole heap of new stitches and techniques when I start one of her patterns.  But it's so worth it.  Chatelaine designs have made me a better stitcher.  They are exacting, challenging, intriguing, and heart wrenchingly beautiful.  French Country Kitchen was a mystery project from years ago.  I am FAR from finished, but still in love with it.

Knit WIPs

by Casapinka

I'm knitting this shawl with Three Irish Girls (Cavan Fingering) in the Carey colorway.  The loops are knit with Malabrigo (Sock) in the Diana colorway.  It's my first time using Three Irish Girls.  The yarn is beautiful, but it's a single ply, which I'm not too crazy about.  I went through three different needles and finally settled on Chiaogoo Red Lace's, but it's not a perfect pairing.  I have to be super conscious not to split the yarn when knitting, which makes it difficult to get into a steady rhythm.  It's particularly frustrating because the pattern is easy to memorize.  I do like the way it's knitting up, though.

Tidal Comfort
by Debra Parcella

I saw a couple of these sweaters knit up in the Tidal Yarns booth at Maryland Sheep and Wool last year and they were gorgeous.  I was head over heels about their yarn, but too close to my self-imposed spending limit to buy a sweater quantity of it.  I did buy a pattern.  I'm using O-Wool (O-Wash Worsted) in the Appalachian Stone and Barn Owl colorways.  O-Wool has become my new favorite worsted weight.    It's a joy to knit with and I want it in ALL the colors.  Seriously, you've gotta try this yarn.

But back to the sweater.  This sweater is meant to to be an everyday, throw on when it's chilly kind of garment and it's knit up quickly.  After finishing the body and trying it on, it fell to short om my hips.  The sweater splits where the color change happens, and I want it the back half to hang slightly over my bum, with the front half hitting the top of my thighs.  I also decided to contrast the colors on one of the sleeves.  I ordered more yarn and then finished the sleeve.  I ripped the back half out, knit an additional 3 inches, knit the ribbing and bound off.  I tried it on. I was happy.  WHY DIDN'T I STOP THERE? It was after 10pm. I was tired, but riding that "job well done" wave.  I ripped back the front half and set it on the needles, all ready to pick up this morning, and I went to bed quite pleased with myself.  Yeah well, didn't I rip out the wrong side? Yup, sure did.  I'd ripped back the side I had JUST fixed.  There is no more tequila in this house, so the sweater is going into a time-out.     

Quilt WIP

Take Flight
by Missouri Star Quilt Co.

I don't have a written pattern for this quilt.  I came across a video by the Missouri Star Quilt Co. and was inspired.  All my geese are cut out, but I only have these 3 sets sewn together so far.  I love the colors.  Delicious pinks, ruby reds, sunshine yellows, golden oranges, chocolaty browns.  If I could just stop gazing at the color combos, maybe I could get this thing sewn up quicker.  Gotta make sure I don't lose my points when I assemble these.  See that bottom strip?  My seam is too wide.  I'm using Boundless Batiks by Craftsy from their Fireside and Sunrise collections.  I purchased the white fabric at Joann Fabrics.

That's what I have going on right now.  Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Fran, Thank you for sharing your new found love and joy, and I truly adore Cleo what a beautiful piece.